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Hi, my fellow Bread Bob’s Army!!(BBA). I could not sleep, so I figured why not just start typing What's keeping me awake and like the normal person that I claim to be, I want to tell you about how CRAZY normal my life really is. If you don’t know me, you will probably just think I am crazy, but if you know me then you probably will think I am normally crazy lol either way welcome!

I am a working mom as in I work a 9-5 JOB and take care of business after I get home and try to plan shyt for everyone and their mama because I am a libra and I am a mom, so yeah, I organize the shyt out of every situation, task whatever that needs to get done, gets done! Because life is all about balance, I can also relax by booking every weekend with events because in my mind that is me prioritizing myself and every girl needs selfcare Sundays, right? Well, shyt gets out of hand when you plan to get your hair done on Saturday and you know that is an all-day process specially if you are getting braids.

  Now hair is done, and I am not about to just go home for the night instead I plan a girl’s night out and because Sunday is the real selfcare day, I plan to get my nails done then. I know damn well I am not going to be at the nail salon at 10am when they open, so I go in the evening because I must spend time with my family and just call it a lazy Sunday. This is the balance I was talking about and as I am reading this out loud, shyt ain’t balanced, I am still completing tasks like a mad woman. Every weekend for the month of September and October are booked with events for me, family, friends, and the whole damn community.

 With all of that said, I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about the hood I grew up in and how diverse it was, I swear I hear people talking about how bad the hood they grew up  was like in comparison to other hoods, it is a competition of  who had the worst life challenge or something. I obviously did not like the crimes I witnessed as a kid, but who can say that experience I had did not prepare me to live the life that I have now? EXACTLY so if you made it out of poverty and neighborhoods no one cared about and you are here to talk about it, then you are a winner my friend.

One last part I have been dying to share is that on my block there were families with young children and some with older kids, but the funny part is when I learned about their parents’ occupations!!! I am laughing now, because I really thought they were jobs!!  there was a prostitute, a dealer, a nun, and a foster care parents on my block. The dealer taught me how to drive when I was 15 because I really thought he was working at a car dealership SMH, it only took me 5 attempts to get my license ha-ha…

I got into a fight with this girl and her mom happened to be the prostitute and when this grown woman tried to beat me up, my mom came out of the house and beat that hoe silly and that is the day I learned my mom got some hands!! That woman loves me so much she was willing to go to jail for me.

The foster care lady was sick and even after we moved out of the “hood”, we remained friends until she passed away, God rest her Soul. Now the NUN, her name was Sister Jean, and she had a bakery on Broadway, and she only hired children to get them off the streets. We learned to bake cookies while learning how to be successful in life. I earned a scholarship to go to a private High school through her foundation, I came back as an adult during the summer to give back to the kids there and went off to college when summer was over. I am now a mother, and I can honestly say I am proud of my childhood and where I grew up and how I was raised because I am who I am today because of the life my parents could afford to give me.

 I will be finally walking at the commencement in couple of weeks because COVID stole my time to shine. I graduated with my master’s in business in 2020. I am walking for myself, my family, and my childhood community. #Mineeapolis #northside #CookieCartKid

If you have read ALL of that Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and life with you all. Please subscribe if you want to hear more from me.

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