Consistency is Key


I’m sure that we’ve all assigned ourselves a task or personal goal meant to improve our lives. Doing the research and setting up a plan to complete this goal is always exciting! But how long do we usually stay excited for? For many of us, this excitement only lasts a couple of weeks to months. When it comes to exercising, how do we remain consistent, allowing us to achieve our personal goals?  

A major problem for many of us is procrastination. It’s easy to find an excuse to why it isn’t the right time, or why it’d be beneficial to start next month. Truth is, there is no time like the present. There are certain thoughts that come to mind that encourages us to make that certain lifestyle change. The longer we wait, the less driven we feel. If the thought came to mind today, make an action plan today (on paper), and act on it within the next 24 hours. You will remember the emotions felt that caused you to seek this change and feel excited knowing that you’re on your way to a healthier start. 

While on your special diet, have you ever noticed that your “cheat day” turned into a “cheat week”? Fun fact: many of us aren’t as disciplined as we think. Most of us actually suck at it. When I began my quest to the life of a pescatarian, I binge ate meat until my start date. I was able to comfortably transition right away, and I have not looked back since. But! This is not for everyone. I think that the proper way to ensure that we stay consistent is to gradually ease into a new lifestyle. There is nothing worse than feeling burnt out of a task that is meant to help us. 

Another factor that contributes to consistency is social media. Usually we view social media in a negative light, but it may not be all negative. Social media becomes negative when we fixate ourselves on the life of people who are on the same journey as us. There is no way that we should be comparing ourselves to Massy Arias, but instead use her as inspiration, not as a goal. Work at your own pace and remember that no two bodies are built the same.

One tactic of accountability that I’ve recently noted is the “Check In” on social media platforms. Nowadays if you don’t capture your workout on the Gram, did it even happen? Finding a person or 2 with a common goal and tagging them in your workout media (vice versa) creates a sense of encouragement and fun while on your mission. Also, studies show that stating your goals in the presence of others increases the likelihood of you actually doing it. Now people are watching and nobody wants to be that person who talks all that ish but doesn’t back it up (in my best Beyonce voice). 

 If you’re having problems with consistency, know that you’re not the only one. Although, reading this article is a good start as a motivating factor. So if you’re not where you want to be at this very moment, grab a pen and some paper and start writing, hang it up somewhere if you need to and see what happens next. Remember, you’re capable of making significant changes to your life, but that’ll happen only if you really want to!

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